My name is not Hannah and other things that keep me awake

It’s 0503hrs and I’m awake, that’s pretty unusual for me, I do like to sleep. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to be up very late due to my fear of missing out syndrome but early mornings, they don’t start until 0600 hrs.

My heart is thumping through my chest and I’m trying to get it back to normal so I can get back to sleep. My mind wanders and I start to think about random things, like why my PJ bottoms shrink, but only in the leg (like seriously why is that), why next door leave their outside light on all day & night, how rich are they? And when am I going to tell Richard the truth about why someone just called at 0500 hrs to ask me if my name was Hannah.

I was introduced to “Facebook Hannah” from the retreat page that was set up so we could all exchange travel details and meet up rather then travel alone. I like the fact that Hannah is travelling alone, I believe this takes some courage and I totally respect that. Sometimes I worry about walking into my local chippy on my own (not just because I shouldn’t be there) so I’m well impressed with this.

As I had organised my travel arrangements already I decided to give Hannah all my worldly knowledge of the country I’d never been to before, obviously that didn’t take long!

She seemed to be having trouble getting hold of the company that have set themselves up to provide a train ticket booking service & taxi from the airport to the station. I then decided to help out because I have already sorted my stuff out and sent an email and copied her in, job done, time to relax.

I’m fast asleep and my phone is on silent, so when it started ringing with a call from Sri Lanka I was very startled and went into some crazy mode where I sat bolt upright and put on my poshest voice like I’d been awake for ages.

The guy on the end of the phone introduced himself and his company and then said “I just want to confirm that you are not Hannah and Hannah is your friend that wants to get a taxi”. Yes that’s correct Hannah is my friend, (if only on social media), “ok I will call her” he replied. “Awesome idea dude, but you might want to wait and hour as it’s 0500hrs here right now”.

It then became apparent that “travel dude” had no idea what time it was and a thousand apologies came my way, I replied “it’s ok” several times before I hung up on him!

Who the F was that asked Richard, “don’t worry it’s just the travel company making sure we are happy with our arrangements” was my reply and thankfully that was ok for then.

I hope Hannah is as funny as she sounds on text as I’m worried Richard will read this blog at some point!

But seriously why do PJ bottoms only shrink in the leg?!