Planes, taxis and noise cancelling headphones

I was unsure whether to pack my noise cancelling headphones or not, I don’t really think they are in keeping with a yoga retreat. What is even less likely to be in keeping with a yoga retreat, is murdering a small screaming child. I packed them.

Having never flown with Qatar airlines before I was quite excited to travel with them, I always hope things will be nice when the journey is so long. You can put up with some poor service and food or none at all when your just popping into Europe, when you have to spend more than 3 hours on a plane you want it to be nice and Qatar did not disappoint.

One joy of not being able to sleep on the plane

Everything from the service to the food and the lovely little spray in the toilet which is defo needed long haul. There are few things worse than going into a teeny tiny toilet after someone has destroyed it and then someone else has to go in after you, they obviously think you made the smell.

The flight itself was smooth and we didn’t have any turbulence, we were also lucky enough to have 3 seats for the two of us, big win in my eyes and when I got free socks and a tooth brush, I was over the moon.

Loving the free magazines on board

6 hours later we made is smoothly to Doha airport and only had 1 1/2 hours to kill before our next flight, little did we know most of that would be spent in the worlds longest queue to get into the gate waiting area. Mostly due to the fact that hand luggage no longer seems to be just one item anymore. People seriously had more with them than I did in the hold, what’s that all about?

Who killed Pudsey? The main focal point in Doha airport

After boarding our next flight, only 4 hours long, a fact I am glad of because there was a small child on board, four rows away who had no intention of shutting the F up. My noise cancelling headphones paid for themselves right then, but I did feel sorry for the other people sat around me with their regular headphones.

After arriving in Colombo and tackling the large, but efficient passport queue, we were greeted by a sea of people holding name plaques in the air and without exaggerating there must have been at least 50 of them. They behave like small baby birds when their mother returns to the nest to feed them, every time a new person comes out the signs are held a little bit higher up and given a shake, which would totally work if they didn’t all do it. Whilst I did look a bit shabby after my journey I did not look like the “branstone family” or “mr pravey”, two of many wrong combinations.

Eventually we found our driver, he gave us our train tickets we had asked him to purchase for us and explained the system for the next day straight away. It was a good briefing but we then spent the next 2 hours with this guy in the taxi because the traffic in Colombo was pretty busy. On a clear run it should take maybe 40 mins to get to our Airbnb, but because it was Friday it was a lot, lot worse.

Keeping congestion down, when it’s busy get as many as you can on a bike