Ready, steady, tuk tuk race

Waking up this morning in a luxury apartment was very nice but I am fully aware that this is not what the next week is about, or at least I don’t think so.

The rooftop pool all to ourselves

We rise early, get showered and head out for food. There was a nice looking cafe on the corner when we came in last night so we will try there. Walking up the road it soon became apparent that today was bin day and it’s good to know that bin lorries don’t smell any different here then they do at home. That said it’s not what I want a whiff of, just before we enter the cafe.

When inside we looked at the menu, trying to decide the healthiest option. I ordered quinoa with strawberries and mango and a fresh orange juice, but it wasn’t meant to be, my healthy start will have to wait until I get to the retreat itself. Turns out from the vast menu all he could actually muster up was sausage and mozzarella on toast, basically the kinda of pizza you make when you neither have cash or the actual skill set to make pizza. All that said it tasted fine when it arrived and I had 30 mins of free WiFi.

The last breakfast before we head up north, delicious but not nutritious

After breakfast we returned to the apartment and decided to hit the rooftop pool before we left. A lovely tranquil spot we had to ourselves, I could definitely see me hanging out here drinking cocktails, but that will have to wait! We were only 6 floors up but this made a difference and you can see quite away across the city, there is a lot of development going on here. As tranquil as it was you could still hear the sweet song of the vehicle horns, this city would not operate without the use of car horns!

The calm above the chaos

You honk your horn to let people know you are there, to overtake, to undertake, if they are slow, in your way, if you see your mate, if someone looks like they are about to cross the road in front of you, I actually think there isn’t an occasion when you don’t honk your horn!

Our tuk tuk arrived and pulled right up to the door we placed one bag on the back shelf and jumped in and placed the other one on top of our laps, then the fun began. I’m still not sure what the rules are at junctions, it appears that you look to see if something is coming and then pull out anyway, it works as we didn’t crash once on this journey!

The ride was fast and furious and I’m sure it’s what the game mario cart was based on, absolutely crazy and people very narrowly missing each other all the time. At one round about we pulled up next to four other tuk tuks and waited for the lights to change and then we set off like the start of a race, we weren’t in front at the start but we soon made up and wiggled our way to the front. This continued for 20 mins until we arrived at Colombo Fort train station and the start of the next part of the adventure. Whilst some parts of it were scary, it was also great fun and highly recommended.