Introductions – my spirit name is Blackfoot

As I sit down and cross my legs in the yoga shala for our first gathering, I look at me feet and I’m immediately drawn to the fact that I have what looks like black marker pen on my feet in the exact same pattern of my flip flops. What the F, how has that happened? omg what is going on? oh F it’s the deet, it’s melting my flip flops and they have melted onto my feet. Obviously I didn’t say this quietly and now eight complete strangers and a few friends are now staring at my black feet.

Today’s centre piece

I make my excuses and leave to the shower which is just outside by the pool and try and wipe off the marks.

Shower outside the yoga shala

I’m barefoot, stood on gravel in the outdoor shower which is painful as F and I’m now smearing black stuff all over my feet, it won’t come off, it’s just being moved around my feet. The eight strangers and a few friends are chatting amongst themselves whilst occasionally looking over at me like curious little meerkats. Good first impression Zoe, well done, you aced that didn’t you!

I returned to the group after a while of trying to clean my feet and the session began. Thankfully there weren’t icebreakers and we didn’t have to tell everyone why we were there, that’s all going to come out in the next few days.

A few guidelines were given like not using your phones, asking questions, respecting other people’s spaces. Wait, did you just say not phones, WTF, what never, this shit just got real.

After this we then discussed our yoga programme for the week, this sounded very well planned and quite exciting, I’m looking forward to this now. I’m here, I’m ready to learn and enjoy whatever life throws at me, apart from mozzie bites, I’m not a fan of them thanks.

Yoga shala from outside