Day 1 – Prison routine

We are woken up at 0730 by a gentle ringing of a bell outside our rooms, we are quite keen and eager as it’s day one, so we rise immediately, get dressed and head down to our first yoga session.

Today’s shala centre piece

We all quietly choose a mat, one at a time, and sit down ready for our first meditation session. So I’ve meditated before and as far as I can tell it’s just sitting down cross legged focusing on your breathing and stillness for 15 or so minutes until your legs go dead. You then spend the rest of the session trying to focus on getting through the session with dead legs or worse, pain! I’m open minded and get through it best I can. After the session is complete I use my hands to remove my legs from their cross legged position, they are not able to do it on their own.

After this, the morning yoga session was concentrating on our root chakra, the earth element and being grounded, a good session to start us on this journey. We concentrated on getting the basics right, grounding our hands and folding forward in a way that enabled us to make sure our hands were grounded correctly.

After a yummy breakfast the first hurdle of FREE TIME. Some people left breakfast quickly to get a slot by the pool for sunbathing. As my skin is so white I was in no rush to get burnt and stayed chatting with a cuppa, maybe I’ll brave the pool after lunch.

Lunch was again another garlicky affair, very tasty and ready to ward off vampires at a moments notice. So far I’m impressed with my veggie diet, I haven’t thought about some nice fish or chicken, (mmmh a nice roast chicken) once! During lunch we get a chance to ask about a noise we keep hearing, it sounds like an ice cream van repeatedly sounding out on and off throughout the day. We find out it’s the bread van man, I now have an image in my head of how this man is driving around on a tuk tuk delivering bread with a large tannoy speaker on the top. I’m not sure where the tune originates from, it’s kind of like shit pan pipes played at the wrong speed and far too loud.

Getting worried I will put on weight here

After lunch we take our fresh coconuts with straws to the pool to see what this FREE TIME is all about. Armed with factor 50 and a book we head for a quiet corner slot. I think I made it to my 3rd page before boredom set in and I went for a swim. It’s nice having free time but also quiet stressful working out how to relax.

It’s not too long, thank goodness before it’s time to get changed ready for our sun salutation workshop, again working with the root chakra. The workshop was excellent, you think sun salutations are pretty easy as you breeze through them in hot yoga at 100 mph. The truth is, if you don’t get shown how to do it or all the secrets to make life easier you never do it correctly. I feel like I made progress in this workshop today.

After 1 1/2 hours the workshop is over and we relax in our shavasana’s, the teacher comes round and presses your shoulders down to relax them and gives your temples a rub with some nice smelling oils, what a treat.

Evening meal was nice, it appears that we start each meal with an elexcir, to get the digestion going. More tasty veggies tonight in the form of curry.

So many lovely flavours

Day one complete and I’m still alive