It’s like Christmas

What day is it? I have no bloody idea. I’ve lost track of days like you do at Christmas. I know it’s the morning but we flew on Thursday and then I slept and lots of stuff has happened, all this forced relaxing is confusing. I feel a little like Pavlov’s dog, every time a bell rings I have to get up or go to yoga or eat food. Mmmh pavlova, now that’s a nice thought…..

The calm before the calm

After yesterday’s meditation stress, our instructor gave me some advice, I am adopting a new position for this mornings meditation. I’m sat on 2 blocks with my knees bent and feet underneath me. This can’t be as painful as yesterday so I’m feeling positive.

Approx 2 minutes in and its abundantly clear I fucked up, this is way, way, way more painful then yesterday. Daniel bedingfield is now in my head “gotta get thru this, gotta get thru this….”, no he can do one, this is crazy. I then spend the rest of the session wanting to cry because this really isn’t fun and I don’t like it. I’m breathing like I’m about to give birth any second and wishing I was anywhere but here right now.

Once this meditation is over its time for today’s yoga session working on the solar plexus chakra which means twists and core work. We also did some breathing work, we did this thing where you take a deep breathe and then do lots of little breathes out through your nose. It’s supposed to be good for you but I’m worried about snot bubbles and fainting. I don’t need to worry as we all have our eyes closed. You always know something weird is about to happen when the teacher says to close your eyes. What weird facial expression or noise will I have to make now? Are the videoing this? If so is it live? Oh who cares, let’s just do it.

A good session this morning as I learnt a lot of stuff I didn’t know today.

Rukgala, the time capsule where free time lasts forever

After today’s breakfast we decided to chill by the pool for a bit, chatted away to a few other prison mates about their lives and how small Bournemouth is. We all know someone that connects us all! Then it’s time for my leg massage before lunch, time flies when you are having fun.

More chilling by the pool after lunch, again I managed like 2 more pages of my book before today’s back bending workshop, the heart chakra. Not really done much back bending so I don’t know how I feel about what’s about to happen. The ultimate aim of the session today appears to be adopting the wheel position, something I’ve never done before as in class this is a higher level of difficulty. Teachers will say to adopt the bridge or the wheel “if it’s in your practice” well I just bridge because I know how to bridge, haven’t got a clue about wheels.

The workshop was very informative and again I learnt a LOT of stuff, turns out wheels are “in my practice” now!

Like British rail, I’m getting there

After dinner tonight we decided to sit outside and star gaze for a bit, a lot of stars were seen as there is not a lot of light pollution here and we even saw a shooting star. As we gazed up happily, discussing deep and meaningful things like, who got what chakra in the chakra lucky dip today and what we are doing on Friday, we became aware of a large bird that was flying around. We then saw he had some mates, it then became apparent they were actually bats not birds. Fruit bats! good to know they are veggies too, at least I hope they are.

Candlelight dining makes for food stargazing

Maybe they heard about how good the veggie diet is here?