Escape and evasion

Come on that can’t be 15 minutes, I’m good, I can sit here all day, well that’s an exaggeration really, but I could defo do another 5 mins.

No songs today, well maybe “we are the champions” but that’s only as I write this and because I had no pain in meditation today. I wasn’t thinking anything in meditation today as I was so comfy in my new cushion supported pose and I’m feeling smug. Thanks yoga teacher, you are wise.

Today we are working on the throat chakra, which means more back bendy type stuff. Yesterday was quite a workout so I was a bit worried but actually it’s nothing we hadn’t covered yesterday and now the wheel is in my practice, I’ve no reason to worry.

We do a position today and there is an option to take a bind, Rich is next to me and I can see how close he is, he is a knats knacker away from his bind. I’m not feeling bindy today so I reach forward and give him a little assistance. His fingers just touch and then I get told off because I was helping him, ooops. I was just trying to help I wasn’t meaning to cause trouble. It won’t be a problem again, he was moved to the front of the class afterwards.

After yoga we have our usual breakfast, but we are hiking to a temple and the top of a rock today so I make sure I don’t sell myself short.

Egg hoppers

Breakfast complete, we pack some water in our back packs and we set off on the hike. The first part takes us to the lake near our retreat, which is actually man made and part of it covers what used to be a village. The water level is low as they use it for hydro power. At the end of the lake we cross a road and head towards the temple.

Once at the entrance steps we take our shoes off and ensure our shoulders are covered, Richard was wearing shorts so had to wear a sarong, he wore it well. On the other side of the temple we start our walk up to the top of the rock. We walk along a path, well trodden but not excessively worn and once three quarters of the way up, we start to scramble to the top.

At the top we can’t see much as our guide makes us look down at the ground so we can all take in the view together. We hold hands in a line like we are on a junior school trip, whilst he guides us into our viewing positions. When we are all in position he lets us know and we look out at the view. It was amazing but then I became aware that I was way too close to the edge for my liking and my feet went immediately numb. I take 2 steps back and it’s all good, we sit down here to have lunch. Afterwards he tells us that he makes us do that as 50% of a group refuse to go out that close to the edge!

View form the top

Our guides have looked after us well, out of their days sacks came flasks of tea, fresh papaya, pineapple, bananas, some boiled eggs and a wonderful banana cake, amazing. If I was taking my own lunch it would probably have been a sweaty cheese sandwich. Now I’m a big fan of cheese but sweaty cheese, not so much.

Lunch preparations

We ensure all the lunch is eaten, we don’t want to carry any weight back down, as you can imagine it was a real struggle making sure all the cake was eaten. We take a few snaps and then make our way back down.

On the way back down we take off our shoes once more and go into the temple to see the Buda statue lying down, apparently it is 400 years old, making it even more amazing that this carving is so good. The walls are adorned with amazing drawings in an array of colours, and even though the cave walls are not straight, all the lines in the pictures are.

Outside we make our way down some steps and place a donation in the pot. We carry on walking down the steps barefoot, I understand why we have to do it and I respect it but it doesn’t help the pain of standing on lots of little stones as we make our way down.

The way back from here is pretty simple, we amble up the road taking in the sights, peering into people gardens and waving at the local children who seemed excited by our presence.

Along the road we come across a little van with glass windows, OMG it’s the bread van man. He was reversing out into the road and then drove off quite quickly before we had a chance to stop him. We all then discussed about if we had stopped him we could have clubbed together to buy all the bread he has and asked him to stop playing his music during our meditation time, PLEASE. As we walk along a path we see what looks like a dead bat on the electricity lines, on closer inspection we see it is, yuk. We then find out this is common here, because the fruit bats are so large, they land on the top line, hang on and when they drop under to rest, they make contact with the other lines and see themselves off in a crispy way!

Like a bat out of hell

Back for tea and cake before my leg massage, this turned out to be an actual genius idea booking this in for after the hike, no stiff legs for me thank you.

One more tasty meal before we head silently down to the Shala for some more yoga Nidra.

Seems the bread man is still out and about and we start chuckling away before the session starts, it was a little bit like giggling at a sleepover.

Yoga Nidra wasn’t as vivid today but still very relaxing, once complete we silently make our ways to our rooms.

After all the activity today, sleep will not be an issue for this tired little yogi.