Let them eat cake

My love is like a white, white lotus

Any day that starts with a nice card and expression of love will be a good one. I had brought a valentines card from the UK for Rich but when my friend popped to the shop the other day she saw a card which she thought might be a bit more fun, she was right.

I have no idea how they manage to produce such a card so cheaply but they did. 25 rupees gets you a three fold card with a cut out window, 3D work, glitter, embossed, flashing lights which also played music when you opened the card, and sometimes it played music just for shits and grins. Very amusing and a good start to the day.

Another good meditation session today, thanks to the cushions again. This mornings yoga session is working on the 3rd eye chakra, the light element. We work on our shoulders and some strength positions to get us ready for our inversion workshop later this afternoon. This means upward dogs, Sphinx’s and my least favourite, Dolphin. I find this pose very challenging and I haven’t seen myself do it but I’m guessing I don’t look anything like a dolphin, maybe an upturned wheelbarrow?

Straight after today’s breakfast we decide to hit the pool to catch a few rays, I set my timer as I don’t want to burn and spend the rest of the week looking like a lobster.

We chat away, swim in the pool and check out the array of birds that fly around our little paradise, before we know it, it’s lunch time again. I swear I’ve only just finished breakfast, I fear I may be putting weight on, help!


After lunch it’s time for a neck and shoulder massage, this should help prepare me for this afternoons workshop.

As we had worked hard in this mornings session we didn’t need a really big work out before we started our inversions, working on the 3rd eye and crown chakra’s. We start of with a few crows and I manage to add a few bruises to my bingo wings. Next it’s side crows but this turns out to be very difficult, I did manage it on my left side though, only for about 3 seconds but I’m counting that.

Some more core work before we start tripods, pairing up and spotting one another, supporting where we can. We then move onto the moment I’ve been waiting for, the supported headstand. It’s no secret that I’ve become an annoying “headstand wanker” since the workshop I went on in October. I never seem to miss an opportunity to give it a go and if there isn’t opportunity, I will make one. I’m not really that good at them but I am getting better and have come a long way in 4 months.

This session seems to finish quicker then the others and it’s time for a little relaxing chavasna time.

We shower and change for dinner, everyone is eager as it’s someone’s birthday and we are hoping for cake! Like actual cake with eggs and all that malarkey in it. Just so you know I don’t mind the vegan desserts we’ve had, but cake needs eggs, else it’s just moose, mush or tree bark.

We were not disappointed, with the main out the way we all stared at the well lit cake which majestically glided outside, like a bride walking down the isle. We stared at the cake in all its chocolatey glory like we have never seen a cake before, cake is god! With the candles blown out and well wishes given, we sit like children at a orphanage waiting for our share, time to dig in.

I’m not sure why I got so excited, I actually don’t like chocolate cake. I know, I know, that’s weird right? Sadly not my weirdest trait. I think it just symbolised a little of my old life, my naughty life when I craved naughty treats and I wondered how it would taste. Turns out it was nice but bottom line, it’s just chocolate cake, I am however counting it as a protein source with the eggs inside!

To finish the day off completely we were all allowed a glass of grape juice, the bubbly variety. One of the group did not drink so we waited for them to make a fruit cocktail, we are a team now after all.

Make a note for future retreats, ensure someone has a birthday!