Close to parole

Today we rise early, the sun is peaking its nose over the hilltops around us, it’s slightly misty in the valley so makes for a nice picture from our balcony.

0700 hrs on our balcony

Downstairs a fellow inmate is completing a HIIT circuit with a PT, I admire her but not enough to join her, plus I’m a stickler for rules. On day 1 we were told about not being active before we come down to meditate, I wonder whether I should grass her up to the yoga teacher, she might not get her parole approved!

I forgot to take my cushions to meditation today so I had to use blocks instead, they aren’t as comfy but still helpful.

The Crown chakra is our focus today but we also bring all the elements together that we have worked on in the week. It’s almost like we have been learning a dance routine and today we get to perform it, to ourselves. It’s all very flowey with twists and hips, arm balancing, and flying pigeons whilst actual crows come and watch us.

Rich working on part one of a tripod headstand

We then have the whole day to ourselves so some people decide to go into town, as we are going there tomorrow we decide not to go and just stay by the pool. Well actually we sit around a chat first as it’s too hot to go by the pool and we are a little lobster like after yesterday’s sun session.

Good place to check out the wildlife

We went into the Shala and did a few headstands and tried to take some pictures of the exotic birds before it was full body massage time.

Last headstand attempt before we leave

It seems quieter today with not everyone here, but some naughty person smuggled a speaker in and today we have music by the pool, I appreciate it but will squeal like a pig if questioned, so close to parole time! I’m not on any morale high ground here, we bought some spiced rum at the airport and have plans to add it to our fresh coconuts we get this afternoon.

Naughty spiced rum coconut

After our sneaky drinky we head down to the Shala one last time for a closing mediation and closing gathering. We talk about the week and what our highlights have been and how we have found it, some sharing more than others.

The last centre piece

Once we have done this we have a group meditation, this time we can choose someone to send love and kindness too during the session. It can be someone past or present, just someone we think needs some love and kindness right now. We don’t have to share but I sent my kindness to a homeless guy I spotted one morning at home on my way to hot yoga. It was a cold morning and I remember moaning about clearing ice off my windsceeen, then I walked by this guy and got slapped in the face by reality and how well off I actually am. I hope he felt the warmth and kindness I sent.

Once complete it’s time to get ready for our BBQ ……..