Ain’t no party like a yoga retreat party

I’m wishing I’d set my camera to time-lapse earlier, the best of the lightning storm that has been going most of the night is over and we find ourselves making weird shapes in-front of the camera to make it interesting, of course I could just switch it off and admit defeat.

Table settings for the bbq

The cool thing about tonight is we have been sitting out in the open, dining on BBQ’d tuna (end of retreat treat), fruit and veggies with the most amazing tastes whilst some crazy ass lightening has been flashing all night just to our left. It lights the whole sky and produces a spectacular display whilst we dine. Not sure if “magnificent ambience” will be added to my bill on checkout.

We’ve gone a bit rogue this evening, we can purchase grape juice and even eat tuna, this is quite some revolution l’m part of! The final farewell before we all depart tomorrow. The retreat team have made such and effort, moving tables and chairs poolside and even re-wired some lighting so we have some ambience!

The effort is not wasted and we all feel quite special as we sit reminiscing about the week and how we can stay in touch.

There is a real character on the retreat, let’s call her AbFab (I don’t think they’ll know it’s you, Katrina), she comes from a dance background and is raring to get the party started with some dancing but I feel it’s too soon (ie. I do like a dance but normally need a few glasses of truth serum to get me going).

Then I hear the opening bars of, a song I actually can’t remember right now but I decided if I’m dancing it’s on my terms, I grab AbFab, flick off my flip flops and we take to the dance floor. 3 mins in to the dance I become aware they have played the extended version of this song, how lucky am I! 5 mins 43 secs later we finish and I head for the table.

Thankfully I took one for the team and then you literally couldn’t stop people dancing. There were group dances, solo’s, dances with and without props and we even got cajoled into performing our wedding dance again! A big highlight would be whilst our yoga teacher and one of the team were dancing to “raining men”, Rich decided he would “beef up” the occasion by performing press ups behind them for extra theatre. That would have been great if part of their routine wasn’t moving backwards. OMG Rich, what are you doing, nooooooo

Why would you try and cow tip your yoga instructor, why? Apparently he didn’t know this was going to happen!

Well after partying for several hours it must be like 2am, I look at my watch, what no, it can’t be 8:55pm, oh dear, I’m old. There are a few night nights and goodbyes for those leaving early in the morning and I drag my rock and roll ass to bed at 11pm!

Been a great evening, so much fun and laughter had by all, the perfect end to an epic week.

Nu night yogis x