It feels like I’m back at school on the last day of term or after completing a course which was fun and you are sad to leave. Today we leave this lovely tranquil place behind to start four days of adventures, but first we must say our goodbyes.

View of accommodation from pool
The last look at our tranquil pool

We have our breakfast early but we take our time, enjoying the last of this amazing place. One bye one, members of the team leave in mini busses, tuk tuks and sea planes, heading home or to their next adventure, sadly we are last to leave. Our bus arrives and we jump in raring to go back towards Kandy for the next part. As I got into the vehicle I shook the drivers hand but I failed to notice he was wearing diving boots, that realisation occurred approx 1 min into the drive. Our driver was a nice man but I’m not sure he understands what it is like to drive smoothly. The 45mins to Kandy seemed to last forever, and it’s the closest to vomiting I’ve been on a journey in a while. I was pleased to arrive at our end destination and regain my inner ear balance.

Our next host was not ready for our arrival so we had to wait a few minutes before we could dump our bags in our rooms and get ready to hit the town. A quick look at the great views and a headstand on the balcony before we drive to town.

My toes in the clouds, maybe that’s what made it rain!

Tuk tuk ordered, our new driver arrived, eager to please. He is called vasser and has a really happy demeanour, keen to try many different languages with us and ensure we were happy. On the journey into town it starts to rain, just before we arrive at our lunch destination the rain gets worse, like biblical worse but vasser lets us stay inside the tuk tuk until it passes. After about 10 mins there is no sign of the rain easing, so vasser calls a man that is passing by with an umbrella and gets him to escort us to our restaurant, extra tips for vasser today.

As we enter the restaurant we try to see the menu but end up being escorted by a very eager concierge to a table. On the way we walk by a guy and his keyboard singing local music to an enthusiastic audience, thankfully to a quiet corner.

I am a little nervous about eating local but I’m also excited. Our table waiter brings us a menu and advises us on what’s best, we try and order too much, so he makes sure we don’t to save us money. We order a selection of things and they all taste great.

After lunch we find ourselves wandering around the streets observing things and soaking up the atmosphere. We stumble upon a fruit stall and decide to quiz the stall holder about his fruit, approx 30 mins later we have eaten almost every fruit this guys has to offer and have stories about all of them. What a fabulous guy, we bought a load of fruit ready for breakfast tomorrow and decide to wander a bit more.

Mangosteen, a favourite or queen victoria & me!

Trip advisor had given us the tip about an ice cream shop we should visit, so we thought we would try it out. It took us off our track a little but was well worth the effort. It’s called ice cream corner cafe (not sure why as it’s not on a corner) and gets 10/10 from me. The ingredients are all fresh and you get to watch as the guy makes your ice cream rolls in front of you, food and entertainment in one hit. They have many different flavours but my favourite was fresh ginger, if you are ever here, check it out.

Once we are full of ice cream we head back into the centre and find ourselves in the market, at another fruit stall. Here we try some more exotic fruit and we are practically force fed 5 different types of bananas. Bananas are great but I’m now worried I’ll be spending the evening sat on the loo. From here we wander to a spice stall and get ourselves some curry powers and spices so we can recreate the delicious meals we have had at home. We did manage to barter a little with the guy but we found out he did have a limit!

The evenings activities start at “the slightly chilled out lounge”, it’s a nice place with a good vibe and great view overlooking the chaos of Kandy below. We order a selection of Thai inspired food and sip cocktails before we move on. My video doesn’t give the view the justice it deserves.

The next destination is “hipsters hideout”, a little bar hidden off a back street which took a little courage to venture in the dark. Once there we see this was worth the trek and make ourselves at home. The atmosphere is great, cool music, good looking food and great staff. They have accommodation linked to the place but we didn’t get to see that, we did however see they have a yoga shala and offer morning classes to anyone who wants to turn up for 1000 rupees. It’s free on Sunday’s but not teacher led.

There is a large mastiff dog here called Valler who seems to be in charge of security, he’s pretty chilled out and I think his bark is worse then his bite.

My pineapple & coconut drink, AKA Pina Colada

After a cocktail here it’s time to head back up the hill to our accommodation. It’s pretty close so we decide to walk. Half way up the hill we meet a rather angry dog who lets us know he is here, he is on a chain though so we aren’t too worried.

I’m leaving the curtains open tonight, hoping to watch the sunrise in the morning with our great view.