No beer holiday and a crabby sunset


I am a polite person most of the time, but every now and then my resting bitch face gives away my true feelings. When we arrived at the hotel, which I thought was walking distance to the beach and it wasn’t, I said it was ok but I was really sad. My face gave me away and our host offers to drive us to the beach, yay! I really must work on my fake smiles, will make note to do that when I get home.

The journey is stress free and we arrive at one end of the beach, this way we can walk down along the seafront and soak up the atmosphere and maybe have a beer. It also ticks a box as some form of exercise and therefore justifies food and beer intake. It was really busy when we arrived, the place was buzzing with happy people having family time on the beach. We walked along the sand admiring the views, sea air and dipping our toes in the Indian Ocean.

When toe dips get serious!

We sit down and watch some boats sailing around and get approached a few times by sellers of various things we don’t need. I haven’t watched tv for a couple of weeks now but it’s like having adverts in live in your personal space, only you can’t fast forward this until they are gone. It’s not too bad, they eventually understand we are not going to buy anything. None of them are rude but I kind of wish I had a sign to say “no thanks, I’m just here to watch the sea”

After a while we decide to go in search of a seafood restaurant we read about on trip advisor. It doesn’t take us long to find it and although it doesn’t look too glamorous, we decide to check it out, I don’t know what I was expecting, I’m not even dressed for glamorous anyway. It’s also been a long old day and the thought of being a passenger in my own body right now and watching the sun set is very appealing.

We sit down and are immediately told we can’t be sold alcohol as it’s a full moon holiday. I’m not sure exactly what that means but that’s cool, we don’t need a drink, or do we? I mean now I can’t have one, I kind of want one more! We order some food, a seafood platter and are then told that they can get us some alcohol as we are not local and it’s ok for us to drink, but at an extra cost. This now seems very exciting all of a sudden and we decide to get one beer to share. We are all very covert and sneaky until two other tables fill up and are completely blatant about it, maybe I overthought this.

The food arrived with another sneaky beer and I must say I was very impressed, cooked to perfection and very tasty, the crabs here taste so good.

It’s been a pretty pleasant evening, watching the world go by as the sun sets and we dine on very fresh seafood. A nice way to spend the last night here, I could get used to this! Oh no, it’s back to reality tomorrow!

I wonder if I can remember what it’s like to be normal again, like wearing shoes and not stopping on the side of the road to get amazing fresh fruit. It may be harder then initially expected…..