Hindsight is a wonderful thing


Sometimes I wear my noise cancelling headphones just so people won’t talk to me, sometimes it works and sometimes, not so much. It gives me space to think about things, again sometimes that’s good, sometimes…….

Bye for now Sri Lanka

I’m thinking about what I would do if I went to yoga prison and Sri Lanka again. Would I do it at all, would I do it differently and would I pack differently?

Yes I would most definitely go to yoga prison again, but maybe just in Europe, or actually, why not back here? I learnt a lot about myself, me and my thoughts kept themselves busy throughout and I learnt how to relax, a little. Although if I’m travelling this far again, I want to see more of the country and what it has to offer. We stayed behind for a few days but an extra week would have meant we could have seen a few more of the wonderful sights Sri Lanka has to offer.

Things I would pack:

An umbrella, great for rain and extreme sunshine. I took a Mac which is great in a rain shower but very odd looking in the middle of a sunny day and a bit sticky and smelly too if I’m honest.

Non deet mozzie spray, deet is awesome at repelling insects but it also melts shellac nails, leather sandals, stains white clothes and smells pretty pungent too.

Save a money converter on your phone notes. If you don’t have internet access for when you are out and about, you can look at this before you make any rash decisions, roadside. Obviously if you are carol vorderman or some other wise maths person you will be fine without it.

Bamboo straws, they love a cocktail with a plastic straw here, take a bamboo one with you and you can help save a few turtles whilst sipping Pina Colada, other cocktails are available.

Bamboo straws, a must!

Hand sanitiser, you will, at some stage find yourself without the ability to wash your hands when you really really want to. Take it and it will be used…

Wet wipes, good for a freshen up, same as the hand sanitiser.

Tissues for normal use and emergency loo paper.

Make sure you have lower denomination notes for tips, then there isn’t a #awks moment.

Take temple socks! Basically any socks you can wear when you leave your footwear outside a temple so you don’t burn your feet on the floor. Maybe not thermal ones though.

Things I would recommend doing:

Travel in a tuk tuk, not for long journeys but defo for short ones. It’s fun, informative, let’s you know you are alive and is the fastest way to get about.

Use trip advisor more, it totally tells you the best places to visit. Every place we went to with a good recommendation from trip advisor was well worth the visit.

Take the train, it’s an excellent way to travel and take in the atmosphere whilst being able to take in the views and feel safe. Recommended by a friend and totally worth it.

Think I’ll put my headphones on now