No room for two in the loo

I like a window seat on a plane for 2 reasons, Firstly because I’m nosey and I like to look out, even when there is nothing to look at. Secondly I’m not the biggest fan of flying so being able to see that the wing is still there is comforting to me. There is a down side and that’s being trapped by the person who sits in the aisle, traditionally a long legged individual who likes a snooze.

I figure that the pros outweighs the cons so I carry on and always try to get a window seat. I have worked out that when the snoozy long legged aisle person gets up and goes to the toilet, I should make a move too. This way I don’t annoy them by getting them to move mid snooze. I sometimes find myself going to the toilet when I don’t need to but don’t want to miss an opportunity.

One of my safety checks of the wing!

We are 4 1/2 hours into a 6 1/2 hour flight and aisle person gets up, we make a move and decide to go also. Had to wait a moment as the cubicles are occupied but we don’t have to wait too long. I manage to get in and go about my business without turbulence which always pleases me, then it’s time to get out. I unlock the door and push, pull, push, slide the door open (it’s like the f’ing kyrpton factor trying to get in and out of these things at the best of times) when I come face to face with an elderly gentlemen stood right in my exit path. It’s a little weird but I’m assuming he is that close for good reason. I point to the direction I wish to go and he moves in that direction, at the same time a young boy then try’s to push past me to get into the toilet. What kind of weird hell am I in right now? my personal space is being crowded, I don’t understand why and I really don’t like it. He attempts to get in again and I inform him, “dude, you are going to have to let me out, before you can get in here”. He looked at me with a scowl and then moved back, I step out and now I have to squeeze past the old man as he is clearly not moving out of my way.

I return to my seat, tired and confused but adamant I will not be going to the toilet again on this plane, even if aisle person makes a move.

I carry on checking the wing, you’ll be glad to know it’s still there

Phew, it’s still there