I’m too stressed for yoga

It’s 6:40pm and I’m lying down on my yoga mat, I’m breathing in to the count of 6, holding for 6 and exhaling for 6, wondering if I can calm down for class, wondering if I should get that angry and do yoga. Less then 10 mins ago I was in my car, getting rather annoyed at some idiot in a van.

Right now that’s a fib

I leave for yoga at 6pm, never later then 6:05pm as I don’t want the stress of being late to the mat. This always works out for me and I have managed a clear record so far. I started tonight no differently and off I went, meeting the usual choke points with ease. I come to the final roundabout where it’s busy but that’s ok because I can turn off in the lane that no one ever seems to be interested, everyone else is leaving town. I enter the roundabout and I can see the way round is clear until, a white van man rushes out from the next turning, causing me to emergency break and blocks my way. The lane he wants to get in is full and there is no movement, and he is now blocking my way to freedom. I am enraged, not only is he parked on a “keep clear” part of a roundabout, he is blocking my way which was previously clear and causing me to be a “parked in the keep clear zone wanker”, I hate people who do this and now he has made me one of them! He can’t hear me or see me but I shout out loud “I hope you stand on Lego, asshole”

Why, why, why has he done this, now I’m stressed and I may be late.

It seems like forever but eventually he moves off and I am free to carry on, I drive by very slowly, staring as I go by, because this will obviously let him know what a bad person he is and he will change his ways immediately!

I’m not sure if doing yoga and being this annoyed go hand in hand!

Remembering happy times …..