Strong warrior

You are all strong warriors the yoga teacher tells us, “yes I am” I say in my head as I hold the pose. I raise my hands up and change my gaze upwards, on the way I have a sneaky look in the mirror around the class and notice that whilst I am not perfect, I’m doing pretty well.

We stabilise, take a few breaths and then hold for 5,4,3,2,1 and inhale, then sink a little lower, “I’m sorry, what?”, I held my strong warrior for the count of 5, I was strong, I gave it my all and you want to sink lower! I don’t got lower, I already maxed out lady! Surely that’s what everyone did right?

Oh no, there are some sneaky people in class, they saved some sinkage room, damn these clever people. I’m learning real fast but I have to get through this next bit without actually quitting.

Right ok, you can’t give up now, your strong warrior needs to get stronger and pretty quickly. I feel like I’m the only one who is as low as I am now, I know it’s not a competition but of course it is…..

Then I suppose she’s going to want me to get up and pretend like it’s not a problem, oh no we are wind milling our arms forward and framing our left foot, this sounds good. Move that left foot back and high plank, oh I love a high plank. Whilst not something I say often, right now it’s my fave pose!

15 or so minutes later, I’m lying in my shavasana, breathing in and out slowly and feeling chuffed, I got through tonight’s hot yoga without wanting to vomit or faint. Well done me, maybe I am becoming a strong warrior….