Naked webinar anyone?

Yes I’d love to update my computer, now is the perfect time, said no one, EVER.

You know those times when you have all the time in the world and then all of a sudden 2 hours have gone by and you are going to be late, that’s me right now! I updated my computer yesterday and now it’s configuring and taking ages, I’m meant to be in a webinar in 10 minutes and this is not good.

I’ve got the day off today and it started quite pleasantly, the sun is burning the clouds away and it’s warming up nicely as I leave yoga. Nothing planned for the day, a little tidying of the kitchen, maybe some shopping, oh I have a webinar at 10am. Not a problem, I’ll just put some washing on and tidy the kitchen before I jump through the shower.

A dude from Vodafone calls me mid cleaning and offers to save me some money, I don’t have time to be honest, but I do want to save some money. He does manage it but you have to go through the whole reading the terms and conditions malarkey, you know the bit when you aren’t listening. I now have 20 mins for a shower and get the laptop going, easy.

Fresh out of the shower, bra and pants on, I run downstairs and crank up the laptop, this will save me some time. I can then run upstairs and get dressed whilst the computer is doing its thing. That’s when I’m met with the configuring screen, oh shit, why me????

I send a message on WhatsApp to let the group know I have issues. After what seems like 10 mins the computer finishes and I click on the link to join the group. This is when I was met with several pictures of people I recognise, all sat ready to start the webinar and in the middle a picture of me, stood in the kitchen in my bra and pants, aaaaaaaah! I duck down behind the breakfast bar with only my head poking up like the “what no” chad cartoon. I then spend the next 3 minutes trying to make the video disappear, I contemplate hitting it with a pan but that may be a bit extreme. Eventually I find the turn camera off button and thankfully at the same time I notice it says that I have not yet joined the meeting, phew.

Drama over, I stand back up and start joining in with the meeting. As we introduce ourselves one at a time I put myself on mute and make a coffee. Right then I become aware that I’m not completely alone, I must be destined to show off my undies today! There is a dude next door, painting the side of the house. Once again I take cover and crouch around to get a hoody from the back of a chair. Finally it’s over, I’m safe. I go in to the other room to take a picture of him, as you would think I was making this up.

I think next time I’ll do my webinar in my sweaty yoga gear, less stressful I’m hoping!