Unicorn Gin and other regrets

As soon as the waitress brought a glass with marshmallows on sticks across the top, I knew I’d made a big mistake choosing “gin of the week”. To make things worse I had ordered one for the internationally renowned coach that was joining us for dinner.

It’s the last night of a training camp in Wigan and our squad decided to meet up with the GB squad, who were also training alongside us for dinner. It’s good to actually socialise with your fellow athletes, we often see each other at competitions around the world but very rarely do we actually sit around in a relaxed atmosphere and chat about the meaning of life, the latest Netflix craze and who’s made the biggest F up recently.

An assault on the eyes and the tastebuds

The GB team had pulled out all the stops for this training camp and had flown over a female Swiss coach who happens to have a pretty impressive CV. Not only was she a fantastic athlete in her day, shooting at 5 Olympic Games, and winning many medals at world cups, she has coached many athletes at all levels including Olympians and Olympic champions. It was great to be on the range with her, listening in to the methods she used with her athletes and also receiving some very helpful advice directly. What I particularly like about her, is her no nonsense approach. She literally tells you how it is, if it’s not right, she won’t sugar coat it, she will let you know and then expect you to take action in order to correct what’s not right.

As it’s the last night I let my hair down and decide to have a drink with my meal, I spy the “Weekly gin special”, a unicorn gin! Never heard of it but I feel I should try it, I’m feeling uplifted after training went well. As the coach was also drinking gin I offered to get her one too, a thank you for her help and advice. When the ridiculously large and embarrassingly eye catching drinks arrived, the table fell silent, unlike the song, this silence was not golden. I’ve never drank sugar water before but I imagine that’s what it tastes like, if I make it to the bottom of this glass I’ll have diabetes for sure. The next hour seemed like a fortnight as I tried hard to get through my annual sugar intake in one hit, we paid the bill and I apologised like I’d just run over someone’s cat (which actually might have been less embarrassing).

Its not the end of the world and far worse things have happened to me but I’m going to put it up there, along side:

Clean pants falling out of your clothes as they got stuck in the tumble dryer and you are now at work.

Having breakfast smoothie spinach in your teeth when you get home from work at 8pm and you know it’s been there all day.

Ordering a drink at a bar in a private party but not realising your at the wrong party until you turn around.

Or my favourite:

Getting your heel stuck in the grill of a entrance to a meeting hall as everyone watches you arrive late. You loose one heel but carry on walking on tip toes pretending nothing had happened, only for someone to chase you down calling out “excuse me I think you left this behind”.

So actually, this isn’t too bad