Other chocolate spreads are available

Picture this, you are in a hotel room near the airport, it’s raining cats and dogs outside and you have the day off.

Netflix and chill I hear you say, good plan, need some snacks and if I order room service I may have to remortgage the house. I was at the supermarket yesterday so I have something in my fridge. Mmmmmh, not what I was hoping for…..

Not the best Netflix snacks

I’m watching crappy films, I need crappy food, I go to my daysack, and I find a small Nutella pack I acquired at breakfast the other day, that will do. But I don’t have a spoon 🤔

I was contemplating sticking my finger in but I’ve done this before and I end up getting Nutella under my nails and that’s grosse.

Oh lightbulb moment, I’ll use a square of my dark chocolate as a spoon to eat my Nutella. I think this is very wrong but at the same time, oh soooo very right.

Improvise, adapt and overcome

Other chocolate spreads are available of course but this was pretty tasty.