If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all


Ive been in Berlin for a week, Pilsen for a week and I’m now in Hannover. Despite the fact I’ve packed enough underwear to enable me to shit myself twice a day, every day for the entire time, I need to go to the launderette.

Across from the hotel is a supermarket, I go across to purchase some washing tablets, if I’m doing my laundry in public, I’m going all posh.

We wander around the supermarket and buy some odds and ends and most importantly some laundry tablets. I spend a little while choosing the nicest smelling ones but also try and get value for money. I find some that are a little more expensive than the others but I get 16 in a pack, not 12. Feeling smug, I pay and leave.

Back at the hotel, I grab my wash bag and then open the box containing the washing tablets, WTF……

There are not 16 tablets, only 8, this is the exact opposite of a bargain, I’ve been robbed!

Why me????

So I’m in Germany, I speak very little German and I now have to try and get them to believe that I did not just come in buy some tablets and hide some so I could get more, this will be a challenge.

I go back to the store and I’m getting vague memories of when I was sent back to the hair dresser as a child because my hair wasn’t cut short enough, that wasn’t traumatic at 7 years old! Although that was back in the days when you could wander around freely without fear of being abducted.

On entering the supermarket I look for a Customer service desk but they don’t seem to have one, there are plenty of staff so I make a beeline for the youngest looking one, in the hope she will speak enough English to help me.

I was right, despite the fact she said she only spoke a little English, she spoke AMAZING English. I told her my tale of woe and she went away, got me a new box and sent me on my way. I wanted to hug her, but resisted.

Mission compete, time to grab my laptop and head to the laundrette…….

Very efficient German launderette

To say if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all is obviously an exaggeration. I am very fortunate, I have the most amazing husband, loving family & friends, a great job, a nice house and I live life pretty well. I do however feel that weird things like this do happen to me more than other people 🤷🏻‍♀️