Choking on nothing, not how I thought I would die

I’ve been to Manchester today, had a coaching seminar which was great, it’s just been a long day. The traffic heading back to Surrey is, as predicted awful at 6pm so my satnav is taking me on some weird and wonderful backroads to avoid this.

  • Driving round the windy roads, I take a deep breath and somehow manage to cause my self to choke. It feels as is I have something stuck in my throat and I can’t breath correctly. I mean I can breath, I’m breathing, gasping a lot of air in but it’s like I can’t regulate it, I’m no longer in control. The more I try and breath the worse it seems to get, I’m gasping air in but nothing is working. I turn the volume down on the radio, this didn’t help, I knew it wouldn’t but I obviously thought if I was going to die, it should not be whilst listening to music.
  • I need to pull over, but there is nowhere, I’m on country backroads with high hedges and angry commuters everywhere, if I just stop I will get beeped by angry people, I don’t want to get beeped whilst I’m dying. This is it, I’m going to die in my car whilst getting beeped by angry commuters who don’t understand and it will be on my death certificate, cause of death “choking on nothing”, this sucks.

    Could this be my last view

    I try and clear my throat, I try yoga breathing and eventually I managed to get back to something normal, my eyes are streaming with tears, my knuckles are white but I think I’m going to make it.

    I spend the rest of my journey in silence pondering things, mostly the fact I’m sad I’ve got to the age where weird shit like this will happen to me. Is that it now? Can I expect this kind of thing to happen a lot ?