Would you like my parking ticket?

You know sometimes you say things without thinking because you are trying to be nice, then the second the words leave your mouth, there is regret, yeah that’s me right now.

I park in the same car park each night when I go to hot yoga, if you get there after 6pm it’s only £1 until 10pm, bargain.

If however you don’t have any change you can download an app and pay online for a little bit more. Sounds simple and it is once you’ve downloaded the app. I travel around a bit and have 4 of these parking apps on my phone, all equally painful to download and submit my personal details onto and don’t get me started on trying to change your bank card!

I do try and use cash when possible, as it is cheaper but on this day I think I used my parking money to buy a small bag of Malteser’s after lunch. I arrive and manage to pay for my parking using the app, then head to my hot yoga class.

1 hour 10 mins later I smugly make my sweaty way back to the car ready to head home. As I’m sitting in the car and starting it up I notice what appears to be a fellow yogie leave her car and head towards the parking meter. Well I’m going to be nice and give her my ticket, thus doing a nice thing for the day, yay for me.

The window goes down, “excuse me, would you like my ticket” I say whilst smiling. She starts to walk towards the car as I turn to grab my ticket from the dash. It’s at that point right there I remember the whole online payment thing and I was hoping for the ground to swallow me up or for the woman to get struck by lightening. Neither of these happen.

“Oh sorry, I forgot I paid using the app”

Red faced I slowly drive off as she turns back towards the machine. It’s a good job I won’t see her again, it’s it not like we go to the same yoga studio or that I have a personalised number plate, well played Zoe, well played.