I like dry feet and I cannot lie

I do try to be a good person most of the time, it doesn’t always work out for me, but I try.

I’ve run a marathon, abseiled the spinnaker tower, cycled various places, completed a triathlon when I can’t really swim and various other events, all for charity. I try not to be wasteful, I recycle as best I can and I’m getting much better at remembering to take my shopping bags when I go shopping.

I’m the blue dot in what appears to be a big knob of rain

Today as I left work there was an amber weather warning in our area due to the amount of rain falling. Now it wasn’t biblical, but it was pretty heavy. Just running to the car from the office was enough to get drenched and soaking wet feet.

My usual journey took 15 mins longer as there were a lot of puddles on the way. I didn’t want to stop on the way home, but I had been away all weekend and had no food in, bugger.

I parked up but this dude carried on

I pulled in to my usual garage to get a ping meal and pint of milk, I stayed in the car for 5 mins hoping the rain would ease, but no such luck. It was at this point I had to make a decision, do I get out and run to the shop or do I get out the car, go to the back of the car rummage in the boot for a bag and then go to the shop?

We all know the right thing to do, and we all know what I actually did. I decided that me staying dry was more important than making more waste by buying ANOTHER bag.

I had thought about my options:

1. Get bag from boot. Getting a bag from the boot would mean I was exposed to more rain whilst being inappropriately dressed.

2. Struggle with no bag. Not using a bag and struggling with my shopping in my arms would only end one way. I would for sure drop something, probably right next to my car and it would go under and then I’d be exposed to even more rain.

3. Buy a bag in store. The path of least resistance, the easy option and it only costs 15p but a lifetime of guilt.

At the time I decided it was the right thing to do but as I got to the till, things felt wrong. I was met by the guy that normally serves me, he knows I bring a bag and he said, no bag today? What is this the Spanish Inquisition?! I buckle like a fat kid in a sweet shop “I am a bad person, I chose running in, rather than going to my boot to get my bag, sorry”

I don’t blame you love said a voice from behind, I turn to see a soaking wet lady smile sweetly at me, maybe I’m off the hook!

I’m sat in my room now, my socks drying out whilst my ping meal pirouettes in the microwave. It’s there, just lying there making me feel bad. I know bags can’t talk but I feel that this one is and it’s not saying anything nice!

Other shops & bags are available

I can’t stand it any longer, I put the bag outside my room. Sorry turtles and David Attenborough, I’ll try and be a better person tomorrow