When life gives you lemons….

Like a phoenix from the flames is pushing it, maybe a pigeon from a relatively warm electric fire would be more apt!

As Bridget Jones once said “it is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going ok, another falls spectacularly to pieces”.

Sometimes you find that every bit of your life is falling apart, nothing goes right and everything and everyone is against you. More often then not, it’s just perception and if you can take a moment to reflect, then you realise there is a way to get through this and it really is a small moment in your life.

Ronan Keating sings about life being a roller coaster, just got to ride it. That’s all well and good Ronan but roller coasters normally only last 2 or 3 mins.

How do you manage to find your way out of moments like these? It all depends what the issue is to be honest but I decided to fight my issue by being the best version of me I could. Throw yourself into work, throw yourself into self development, throw yourself into fun, family and friends. Talking to people and surrounding yourself with positive stuff really works. Feeling anger, sadness and other emotions when life is poo is normal but choosing how you react, that’s up to you. Feel angry, sad, annoyed but choose not to be consumed by them. I acknowledged my feelings which helped, I didn’t hide them, I spoke out and moved on. You are right Bruno Mars, I am amazing just the way I am!

I’m lucky as I have a great husband, family & friends (my support network), if you don’t have that, talk to someone, you’d be amazed how nice people actually are.

It took a little while but I’m back and better than ever, the future looks fantastic, so many great things are happening and life is exciting again.

There is still stuff going on in my life, there always will be but when life gave me lemons, I made cocktails.