Mind over matter…..

Some things are easier to accomplish on your own, others not so much.

When I’m doing activities as a group, if there is a challenge or task that’s hard, I like to work hard and make sure I’m not first to break. That can be during a run, in yoga, hill walking, anything really. I’m not saying I’m good at these things, in fact I’m pretty average at best but I don’t like to be the first to quit.

Today we had our annual strength & conditioning reviews, individually we went into the room with our coach and it was just us and a stop watch.

There were a few random named tasks in order that my mobility could be checked, which involved me flailing around on a massage table and if recorded and sped up, would have looked like a shit breakdancing routine. I also had to balance on a box and do one legged squats amongst other tasks, all weird kind of tasks that my brain struggles with and I spend most of my time over thinking what I’m doing and end up just being weird.

We then move onto the exciting stuff, planks, side planks, hip trusts and calf raises until there is so much lactic acid your legs literally seize up and you have to move your leg off the bench using your hands because it won’t work on it’s own.

So almost all the exercises are complete and so far, I’ve done ok, just the calf raises to go. This should be ok, it’s just standing on your tip toes a few times right! WRONG

Need more pain, add one of these to a session

I have done this exercise before but never to the timing of a metronome, the long slow tick of a metronome can make any exercise seem to last a lifetime. I start on my left leg and soon realise this is a mistake, that’s the last leg I used for hip thrusts, why did I see myself off like that. Pretty soon I realise this will be a struggle, so I dig deep and start my yoga breathing early on. This doesn’t work, I’m trying to fight through but the lactic acid build up in my leg is so intense it’s like moving in quicksand. My mind is saying “keep going, you can’t quit now” but my body is literally saying “Um no just stop moving, don’t fight it, it’s pointless”, it’s like Spock has given my leg a Vulcan death grip and rendered it useless. I’m not sure what happened then, maybe I will be better on the other side. Oh no, it’s turns out I have the exact same limit on this side, no matter how hard I try I get to the same point . I just can’t move my leg and my calf muscle feels like it is about to explode like an overinflated balloon.

So today I’ve learnt that it’s not always mind over matter! Sometimes the Vulcan death grip just takes control