How early is too early?


My first memory of being early for something goes way back to when I was about 6 for a friends birthday, it still haunts me.

I was dressed to party, which in the early 80’s meant I had my hair done differently, Gran and I walked about a mile to my friends house. The sun was shining, the roads were quiet and I had a little bounce in my step. Right now this memory is so vivid. I’m just about to have unlimited lemonade, jelly and play pass the parcel, amazing. We arrived to a quiet house and it took a while for someone to come to the door. Joanna’s mum eventually appeared, wondering why we were stood there and proceeded to tell us the party was tomorrow, bugger. The walk home was not as pleasant as the walk there I can tell you!

Since then I still plan to be early but maybe 10 or so minutes, not a whole 24 hours. Last week I managed a whole new level of early, even for me.

I was away in Cardiff, we had a full days training on Monday and when packing up people made arrangements for dinner. Straight away I made my apologies as tonight, I have a very special web meeting that I can’t miss. It’s the first meeting of this years “women in high performance” course and I for one am not going to be late!

I get back to my room and set up my laptop, ensuring I have a good internet connection and no updates are required. I jump through the shower, get dressed and then sit waiting for the meeting to start.

The clue was there all along

I wait, staring at the button that says join meeting, waiting for it to go live but it doesn’t seem to change. Maybe I got it wrong and I need to log out and back in again because I’m early, no that doesn’t help. I check the email to make sure I have the time right as it says on the screen 1915 hrs but I know the email said 1930 hrs. What if they are having the meeting and I’m the only one missing? I’m missing out on all this information and there will be a black mark against my name, oh god, come on computer, give me a break. Stop it, you are being irrational, you’ve checked the timings and that is what they will be, they may just not be addicted to being early like me, let’s not stress until 5 mins before. 5 mins pass and I’m still staring at the same screen, why oh why won’t the button go live, come on!

It’s now 1931 hrs and there is nothing, I don’t have a mobile number of the person running the meeting so I can’t tell anyone, this is so bad. I then look at my watch, it is then I see that the date is 9th September. There staring me in the face is the meeting page, clearly marked as starting 1930 hrs 16th September 2019, I’m a whole week early, a whole week!

Right, good dress rehearsal, lots of positives to take from that. At least next week it will all be smooth running ………

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