Have a web meeting they said, it’ll be easy they said

I’m not sure if I have ever excelled at anything, I’ve been pretty good at a lot of things and average for some things but web meetings, they don’t fit into either of those categories.

A week ago I found myself 7 days early for a web meeting, well tonight it’s time to do it for real. I’m sat in the kitchen, got the laptop up and running at 1910 hrs ready to go for a webex meeting at 1930 hrs. I’m not going to be caught out by an untimely update like the last time. I logged in for a Skype and 3.5 hours later, it was complete! I’m ready for you this time computer, bring it on.

The meeting screen comes up and asks me for my name and email, I thought to myself “let’s put that in now to save time, then I can just click the join meeting button at the right time”.

The 2 boxes that started my pain!

Trouble is, my laptop likes to auto fill stuff and when I started my name auto filled, sadly with my maiden name, bad! and the email address entered in the box below. So I clicked on the name and changed it but then, without thinking I hit the enter button. In my head this action was going to take me to the next box, but reality was, my email address had already been entered and it is now connecting to the webbex, 15 mins early!

Noooooo too early

STOP, STOP, STOP! I hit the cancel button several times but it doesn’t work, the connecting circle is spinning. How can I make it stop? I push the screen away so it’s facing the ceiling, because that will obviously help.

The laptop is now facing the ceiling, that will help for sure

What am I thinking???? my name will still appear on the screen even if all they can see is my ceiling, right, I’ll close my laptop, that will definitely stop it. Ok job done, phew.

So let’s open it back up and try and sort this out, what Noooooo how can you still be connecting?

Close the app, close the app, clooooossseeee theeeeeee Appppppppp.

Eventually I manage to close the app by switching the power off and my embarrassment stops.

I turn the power back on and start the process again, it’s a bit slower this time and I manage to end up 1 min late for the meeting. I blame the internet being slow and no one seems to mind. I could come clean but I really don’t think anyone actually cares.

I think I need to go on a course for this, as that’s 3 out of 3 I’ve managed to mess up now, whoops. I wonder how the next one will go?

Don’t worry I’ll let you know

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