Yoga prison, return of the reluctant yogi

We arrive at the retreat after what has to be the smoothest of journeys, no hold ups at all, everything went well and the greeting at Rukgala did not disappoint. We were treated with friendly faces and a fresh king coconut to drink with a bamboo straw.

Hidden beauty of the retreat and it’s view

A deliciously fresh vegan lunch awaited our arrival and we then had time to unpack before a quick dip in the pool. In the room I have a bet with Rich that it will be less then one hour before we hear the noise of the bread van echoing out across this tranquil land. The tune of the bread van (it’s a small world) still haunts me and reminds me of times spend struggling in meditation the last time I was here. He plays his happy little tune on and off throughout the day, it’s just seems more annoying when you are trying to focus.

It wasn’t long before we went to the yoga Shala for the opening intentions session. The Shala was laid out ready for us in a circle with cushions and bolsters ready for the 16 yogis eager to find out what lay ahead.

Whilst there it wasn’t long before we heard the bread mans tune ringing out but sadly I lost the bet as it was over my guess of 1 hour.

We sit crossed legged and listen in for our hosts to give us the plan for the week, we are nourishing both body and mind this week with yoga, yoga Nidra, meditation, breathing exercises, life coaching and a mix of vegan and veggie food.

We set our intentions and head back up to the main house for some fine dining. Now I’m not really into vegan food, but here it’s not a chore, the chefs prepare the finest dishes with the freshest ingredients and each meal is a taste sensation.

After dinner we all head off to our separate rooms and even though it seems really late it’s actually only 9pm!

So we are here in yoga prison but the fun won’t start until tomorrow.

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