Cleaning lady 3 – Zoe 0

It’s day 3 here now and we are well into routine, the only thing that scuppers it slightly is the cleaning lady.

Every day she comes to clean in the mornings and turn the bed down at nights. She obviously has a set routine but there is now a battle of wills as to where stuff should belong. There are scatter cushions on the bed, which are not really required and just one more thing to move each night.

There is a plant on the table, which looks nice but we need that space for putting stuff.

There are chairs that I would normally place clothes on that have been worn but not yet ready for laundry. I also place the shampoo conditioner and shower gel in order in the bathroom as the tray prevents you seeing the label on the bottles, this is defo OCD but this gives me an extra 1 min in bed in the morning.

Every morning whilst I’m bending, stretching, grunting and groaning though a yoga session, she is in our room, moving shit about. The cushions I take off at night are replaced, the clothes I lay on a chair are moved into the clothes rail and the plant squeezed back into the centre of the table amongst the phones and books.

None of these are life changing but we could both save each other some time if one of us didn’t keeping moving stuff. My mind often wanders to her during the meditation phase, don’t tell my instructor though, we are supposed to be focused on breathing, not ways to stop the cleaner.

The same ritual happens at night and I spend ages trying to find were she has hidden my PJ’s and where I can find some clothes to wear.

Today I decided enough is enough, if I can’t win the war, a battle will suffice. I placed the scatter cushions on top of the wardrobe, that should stop her!

Off to yoga I go, how will this pan out…….

So it seems I did win the battle and the cushions are still there, one less jobs to complete tonight.

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