Choose wisely, grasshopper

It’s the last day of the retreat today, last day of relaxing with nothing to do but yoga and free time, let’s enjoy this last bit of calm before going back out to reality. No, that would be too sensible, let’s fit in as many activities as possible!

Early morning posing (Warrior 2, I think)

We start with a 0600 hrs reveille and head to the lake for a quick paddle. The lake is so calm we decided to take a few photos before we go for a little splash.

Bobbing around the lake we spot a kingfisher, a troop of monkeys and some dear before dashing back like we were being chased in a horror movie. Have you ever been in a double kayak? It’s really important to get the timing right so it doesn’t turn into and episode of gladiators from the 1990’s, the person at the back keeping in time with the one at the front because they can see more. It’s also very easy to speed things up without realising because you want to make sure you get it right and don’t let your partner down, thing is, they are thinking the same thing and before you know it, you are wondering why you are out of breath and if you could actually tow someone on a wakeboard right now!

Alone in kayak the day before, I managed to keep in time with self pretty well

Back on dry land we head straight to the Yoga Shala for some more meditation and yoga. Today’s meditation is a bit of a challenge, the usual noises are there, the angry chip monks, the bread man, a noisy bird but today someone has decided to take their tuk tuk to the lake and play music with an amazing base, very very loudly. We manage to get through this and a rather energetic yoga session, putting together all our lessons of the week. So glad I went kayaking right now, my arms aren’t tired at all!

After breakfast I grab a shower and head on over to get a massage. We have an inversion workshop this afternoon so it’s best I get all stretchy now, in the hope of an advantage over the skinny flexible people. If yoga was a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors then flexibility beats strength but balance beats flexibility, the only time strength wins is when it’s plank time. Inversions are different, all bets are off for this and it’s every man for themselves.

After lunch, the time of the long awaited inversion workshop arrives! Yay. Apart from that fact that we have to do dolphins as part of the warm up. It’s probably because I am shocking at them but I’ve never once seen a nature programme where a dolphin looks remotely like me when I’m in the position. A broken bike rack at best but not a dolphin.

Double grasshopper, a nice change from Dolphins

It’s now 6pm and we sit in a circle for our closing session. We discuss our week together and how it met with the intentions we set on the first day. We meditate and I get eaten by the local insects. It took real focus tonight to not scratch my leg whilst we focused on our breath and relaxed. When I got back to the room I realised why, I’ve been bit 15 times on my right leg by some kind of flying miniature shark. I’m obviously pretty tasty because I also have another 5 bites elsewhere.

We dress for dinner and I cover as much of me as possible, what skin is left on show gets covered in insect repellant. Not that weak stuff, the super deet stuff that melts leather and dyes your clothes, I’m taking no chances as my leg currently looks like a 3D map of the alps.

A feast for us and the bugs

I think I chose wisely for most things, but maybe next time I’ll bring a beekeeper suit!

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